Schuler Research

We give media agencies, companies and market researchers, with our own technology, access to thousands of panel participants, who can be determined from more than 200 selection criteria in our special panels for accurate target groups and research activities.

Perfect fit access panels for your study

With our own panels we research and determine tomorrow's market.

Joint planning

Together with you we create the questions for the questionnaire so that your market research activities run successfully and as desired.

Survey programming

We program the finished questionnaire for you, specially tailored to your requirements.


We are committed to developing and operating our own panel software. This gives us the highest degree of flexibility and independence.

Data profiling

With our own panels we collect informative data that can be used for studies. A clear and understandable form environment is very important for the participant.

Media buying

We have specialized in media buying for lead generation campaigns and can look back on numerous successful campaigns thanks to our strong publisher network.

Lead Generation

Our own software meets all the necessary requirements for legally secure acquisition and validation of online participants.

100% Double Opt-in

When collecting personal data, we consistently demand a legally valid and clear double opt-in consent.

E-mail invitations

Using our own mail solution, we are able to send your survey quickly and reliably to the respective panel participants.

GDPR compliant

Not only do we strictly adhere to all legal requirements, we exceed them in most cases.

Contact us for more information

We would be happy to show you, also in a personal meeting, the possibilities of how we can support you in developing new and existing business areas. We are happy to hear from you.